Travellers Rest

The companions had been walking several hours, each of them soaked through to the point where their clothing had absorbed so much rain, not only where they heavy, but they began feeling it upon their skin.

“I wish this rain would desist,” moaned Melvin. “Even if it were for one day. I’ve all but forgotten what it is like to feel the sun on my face.”

“For once I agree with Bob,” replied Tumbor, wringing water from his bedraggled beard. “Is there no spell either of you can conjure that will keep us dry?”

Yulien smiled and looked at the dwarf, refusing to acknowledge that this was the umpteenth time he’d asked this question.

“I’m sure my brother could set you on fire,” she said playfully. Rohlen began wiggling his fingers in Tumbor’s direction.

Before he was able to offer a response, Fraevon brought the group to a stop. His eyes trained on a plume of smoke, barely noticeable against the dark evening sky.

“Funny you should mention fire. I suggest we proceed with caution.”

As they approached, the smouldering remains of the Travellers Rest coach house stood at a junction the road. The rain had dampened the flames, however there were still a few glowing embers illuminating the immediate area. Part of the roof had collapsed, exposing the charred remains of the upper floor to the elements.

“Let us find what shelter we can,” said Jax, already making his way into what remnants of the coach remained. “But first, we bury the dead.”

Most of the bodies were charred and severely cromated, others showing signs of blade or arrow wounds. Investigating the stables revealed a number of slain horses, chunks of meat having been removed from the hind flanks.

“I thought ‘hungry enough to eat a horse’ was only a figure of speech,” said Tumbor. Even with his appetite, the thought repulsed him.

“We shall bury these too,” said Yulien, offering a small prayer.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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