“Wake up you filthy swines,” boomed a deep male voice, full of purpose and authority.

Several burly men, dressed in heavy armour and sporting a long sword by their side, harried the group in rising from their slumber.

“I apologise,” said Melvin humbly. “I must of dozed off.” For he was the last on watch.

“Silence!” boomed the voice again. It belonged to a tall muscular man, dressed as the others, but instead, his facial features and grey weathered hair suggested him to the veteran of the group.

He was flanked by a much smaller female, dressed in dark leathers and black aged cloak. It did little to hide the two dwarven flintlock pistols upon each hip, along with the array of daggers and stakes that crossed her chest on various body belts. A silver cross hung on a heavy chain around her neck, whilst a rimmed hat kept her auburn hair off her face. There was no mistaking her profession, Witch Hunter.

“Adventurers,” she muttered to the man beside her. “Though I detect a glimmer of evil in that one.” She pointed to Yulien. He nodded to his men who immediately drew their swords, pointing at the chest of the companions. Yulien however, was flanked by two as the restrained her arms, leading her to the Witch Hunter.

Rohlen tried to move to aid his sister, however the blade tip of the soldier in front of him pressed a little harder into his chest.

“What is the meaning….” began Jax, however he was soon cut short by a back handed slap from the one in front of him.

“It would be wise to speak, only when spoken to,” bellowed the veteran.

Yulien was forced to kneel before Hunter, her head bent back so as to face her, whilst she recited words in a mystic arcane language unknown to either of the twins. A replica cross was placed upon Yulien’s forehead, and remained pressed there until the incantation was complete.

“She’s not the one we seek. Though the dark arts do shadow her soul.”

“Cleanse?” asked the veteran, his men too waiting upon her response.

“No. We waste too much time already.”

The soldiers sheath their swords and make their way out into the rain filled morning air, mounting the horses tethered waiting. Both the veteran and Hunter follow after them, saying nothing.

“No apology, explanation? Who are you looking for?” enquired Jax, following a safe distance behind.

“Curb your tongue,” said the veteran as he mounted his horse.

The Hunter was more gracious, looking down at him from upon her stead,

“Beware the demon within your own ranks adventurer, for even in sunlight, darkness lingers within deep shadows.”

He watched as they rode off, following the road towards the shrine. “Melvin, we need to talk.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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