“So you’ve decided that we are once again worthy companions for the great, Jax Dupont,” said Rohlen, sarcasm running through every word spoken.

Jax looked at Yulien, her smile as radiant and alluring as the first day he saw her.

‘How could I ever think about not loving her,’ he thought. ‘But is she still the same woman I fell for all those moon’s ago. The same woman that tended my wounds in Hamstall, and has barely left my side since.’

“Yulien I apologise. My reaction, though at the time I felt was justified, upon reflection, was inappropriately vented.”

She hung her head, briefly breaking eye contact from him. “The things I do are always with the best of intentions, for the good of the group.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself,” interrupted Rohlen.

“No, but it would help us all understand,” added Fraevon. “If we had knowledge, then perhaps we would be less hasty to judge.”

Yulien continued, “It is true I sought knowledge of the Dark Arts, to gain only an understanding, but it fed upon my curiosity. Revealed arcane writings that once read, were etched into my mind for eternity.”

Fraevon and Jax traded glances, an exchange that didn’t go unnoticed by Rohlen.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing!” replied Jax. “I think we’ve said enough on the matter, though I do believe we should think about leaving. Look!”

He pointed towards three ethereal shapes lingering in the distance. Though they had obviously seen the group, they were showing no signs of getting any closer. Fraevon span a full three sixty, checking to see if any others had silently appeared.

“My guess would be that they sense the dead,” suggested Rohlen, grabbing his sister by the arm and backing them both away.

The rest of the group joined the twins in backing away slowly, before then breaking into a run. The ethereal beings screamed loud into the gloomy, rain filled air and moved in towards the location of the dead.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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