“Am I the only one to see, that what just happened here is wrong?”  called out Jax instinctively strolling after the group. Melvin dropped back to talk to him.

“Whilst I agree, seeing the dead rise to walk again was disconcerting, they were fighting for us.”

“Disconcerting? It is a dishonour to those that lay at rest, to call them to life so as to do our bidding.”

The ethical argument caught the thief off guard, being that in his profession, ethics seldom came into consideration.

“See did cure Tumbor. That must count for something,” retorted Melvin hopefully. There was an ominous pause in the conversation as both continued to stroll after the twins and Elf.

“Perhaps her heart isn’t fully tainted,” said Jax softly, “But I’m uneasy about any further dealings with the dead.”

“Exactly! Now let’s catch up with the others.”

Fraevon, Rohlen and Yulien were already back at the shrine discussing what Jax and Melvin were conversing over. All three were pleased to see them heading towards them, none more so than Yulien, her smile having once again returned.

Tumbor too was heading to join them. He had finished gathering what weapons he thought worthy of using, stashing several axes and daggers into his belt, and carrying what looked like a woodman’s axe.

“Argh! Feels good to have a blade in my once more,” he said. “Even if it has seen more bark than blood.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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