Word / Genre Challenge #5

The word suggested for the challenge was ‘Paperclip’ and the genre, Fairytale.

You would expect a story to begin with ‘Once upon a time’ and end with ‘Happy ever after’. Unfortunately something was amiss within the land of fairytales. Acts of heroic deeds had become haphazardly disjointed.

Who had ever heard of a Prince marrying his Princess, then having to slay the dragon, only for it to capture the Princess seemingly from beyond the grave?

It was as if the pages of Fairytales had become scattered, then put back together by idle hands with no rhyme nor reason as to the order. Or was this a deliberate act so as to banish the telling of Fairytales to history?

A great reader would have to be sought, to put back the pages in order so that the tales could be retold in the order intended. Only then can they be held by the mystical legendary paperclip that binds the pages. The trouble was, the paperclip was missing.

Who scattered the pages of The Book of Fairytales, and what of the whereabouts of the Magic Paperclip?

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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