With the goblin horde vanquished, Fraevon turns his attention to the still seemingly paralysed Jax and slaps him full across the face. He staggers back a little from the force, before then shaking his head and his senses.

“Necromancy! She weaves the Dark Arts!”

Yulien collapses, exhausted, shaking uncontrollably.

Jax attempts to approach the fragile cleric, however the Fraevon blocks his path to her,

“I’m as shocked as you are. I thought, we all thought, the old cleric had cured her.”

Turned away, as if to leave, but quickly spun trying to catch the Elf off guard. He was too wise and stood defiant. Rohlen and Melvin, who had previously been hiding within the edge of the swamp joined them.

“So the old cleric failed,” said Rohlen subdued. “I understand if you wish us to leave.”

Jax looked at the mage, his face flush with anger,

“We are supposed to be hunting Shala, a witch, an evil witch, and your sister casually goes around bringing back the dead! Give me a reason to have you stay.”

Rohlen took off his cloak and wrapped it around his sister, helping her to her feet. Yulien looked sorrowfully towards Jax who immediately looked away.

“So be it,” said the mage as he assisted his twin towards the shrine. “Safe travels my friend.”

“You love her don’t you?” said Melvin, watching as the pair began to leave.

“I cannot love that which consorts with the dead.”

Fraevon shook his head and began searching around for arrows with which to replenish his quiver.

“My journey continues with them,” he added. “I’m sorry old friend.”

“Safety in numbers.” Melvin chased after them.

Jax stood alone, watching as the four of them made their way towards the shrine once more. There was a disgruntled cry off to the side where Tumbor was busy searching the battle scene.

“Goblin. No eye for a decent weapon.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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