Word/Genre Challenge #4

For this challenge the word was ‘staircase’ (though I re-interpreted this as escalator) and the genre, Horror.

“There was a time when you used to look at me like that,” remarked Cheryl, her husband watching intently a young blonde as she walked towards them.

“I still would if you had a body like that,” he replied without looking away.

“My belly has been a cooker for our three children, my breasts a vessel for them to feed on, and let’s not start on the mess they’ve made downstairs.”

“Yeah Yeah. All I’m saying is you could tone a little.” He couldn’t help but compound the situation by smiling at her as she passed, then continue to turn so as to check her out from the back.

Cheryl muttered something under her breath that sounded complete jibberish, leaving her husband admiring the young female’s arse as it began to disappear down an escalator.

As he turned to catch up with his wife, a chilling scream came from behind him. It was a female’s scream, quickly followed by a multitude of others, and people shouting, “Turn it off! Oh my god turn it off.”

The husband ran to see what all the comotion was, only to stop dead in his tracks as he peered over the escalator edge. His stomach churned as he witnessed the horrifying and sickening sight of the young blonde being mutilated and torn apart by the escalator’s inner mechanisms. Blood and shattered bone littered the steps, as the the poor girl became almost unrecognisable.

Meanwhile, Cheryl smiled as she continued to walk away, taking the occasional opportunity to admire items in some of the shop windows.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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