Battle at Sindra’s Shrine

The host of reanimated corpses trudged their way across the near open expanse towards the road, acting upon the will of Yulien’s mind. It wasn’t long before the goblin horde caught sight of them.

A solitary horn bellowed loudly, signalling an unexpected charge, as high pitched angry screams erupted from them all. Swiftly they covered the distance between themselves and Yulien’s minions, lashing out wildly with the various array of weapons they carried.

The undead were not without their own, as they fought back, Yulien mustering all her concentration in commanding them to do so, however her exertions were taking a physical toll as she struggled controlling them all. She slumped to her knees.

Fraevon unleashed a salvo of arrows, striking several goblin that had dispatched their undead foes, so that they too slumped lifeless upon the blood stained floor. Jax stood motionless, bewildered at the events his eyes were witnessing, muttering to himself,


Tumbor could contain his bloodlust no longer, and he ran as fast as he could towards the fight screaming in dwarven, insults towards his most hated of foe.

Several of the living corpses began to fall without receiving a killing blow, a sign that Yulien’s magic was fading. There were still at least twenty of the goblin left, though Fraevon was slowly dropping that number one at a time, and some began to turn their attention towards Yulien.

“Jax, protect her!” shouted Fraevon seeing a couple advancing weapons ready to strike. Jax remained motionless.

The Elf unleashed an arrow at the closest, screaming once again for Jax to come to his senses. It struck the chest, knocking it from its feet, the primitive blade it was holding falling to the floor.


As the second goblin launched itself, blade ready to pierce into the still kneeling Yulien, a gnarled thick fist connect firmly upon the side of its skull. The impact shattered the goblin’s jaw sending rotten black and yellowed teeth flying. It also changed the trajectory of the goblin’s leap, sending it sprawling several feet away. Tumbor finished it off by bringing his heavy boot down upon its head, before then rushing headlong into the melee.

It was enough to turn the sway of battle. A frenzied dwarf landing punches more deadly than any goblin blade swipe, and Fraevon’s arrows picking off the last of them, it was finally over.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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