Raising Fear

“How many?” asked Rohlen, already mentally preparing a spell to cast upon them.

“Hard to tell,” replied Fraevon as he inched closer so as to get a better line of sight on them. “Possibly thirty, maybe forty.”

Rohlen hung his head, “I have nothing that can counter that number.”

“Aye, and without my axe I am but a passenger,” added Tumbor.

Jax, noticing that the Elf instinctively drew the arrow back a little further in his bow, called as loudly as he dare,

“What are seeing Fraevon?”

At that moment the Elf turned and fled back towards the group, urging them to find cover.

“An advancing war party,” he said guiding them into the swamp and the cover of trees within. “There’s near fifty, armed and heading along the road towards the shrine.”

“Noooo!” screamed Yulien, catching them all by surprise. “They’ll desecrate it.” Jumping out from her place behind some tall leafy flora, she began running so as to cut off the advancing horde.

“Yulien no!” shouted Rohlen seeing his sister break cover. Fraevon and Jax quickly broke theres too so as to give chase.

The spell must have already been committed to memory, much in the same way as Rohlen was doing with his, because with a simple downward stroke of her left arm, arcane energy began to pulsate around it, small embers flicking off as she continued running.

With Fraevon gaining on her fast, she pointed towards the oncoming goblin force, and watched as the arcane energy burst from her hand. It travelled about fifteen foot, before dispersing into a thick fog that seemed to expand rapidly outward.

She stopped and waited, Fraevon joining her seconds later. Jax was still about half distance behind.

“What have you done?” asked the Elf as he watched the fog expand. Yulien didn’t seem to hear him, her concentration fully focused on the spell she’d just unleashed.

From within the fog came a strange sound as if something, or someone, was digging themselves out from below the ground, then another, and another. Awkward groans began to follow.

“Yulien stop!” shouted the Elf,  as Jax arrived to bear witness to events unfolding.

Ten, twenty, thirty had risen from the depths of the underworld. Remains of the long dead, animated to do the bidding of the one that gifted them a new life. Slowly they trudged off in the direction of the shrine.

 Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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