Word/Genre Challenge 

I opened up to my FB friends and family once again to offer me a single object and a genre in which to fit it in. First up:

‘Glitter Pen’ in horror genre.

The police had already cornered off much of the street, camera crews from every news network channel vying for a decent lead and/or good position as to film the ensuing events. Parents, those with children that attended the school, we’re being held helpless, distraught and afraid behind the barrier tape, each eagerly waiting upon news of their loved ones.

Within the assembly hall, hundreds of children huddled together shaking, wracked with fear. These were the fortunate ones. Throughout the remaining school lay the unfortunate. Children and teachers alike left where they had fallen, all with the words “You’re out” written in distinctive black and silver ink upon their forehead.

Mr Wallace was the last to fall, a hatchet blow to the back of his head. Kneeling over him, as his dying last breaths weezed from his lungs, a hooded figure scrawled the words upon his brow.

Once written, the figure stood in ominous calm, releasing the safety on two semi-automatic handguns. He had been just several feet from the hall doors.

“Stop! Put down your weapons,” came a voice from back down the hallway. The hooded figure turned.

The sounded of gunshots echoed loudly, followed by screams of terror from behind the closed hall doors. The hooded figure lay prone on the floor, blood seeping into a large pool from where they’d been shot. There was no lingering breath from this one.

With the murderer dead, the police wasted little time in evacuating the fortunate ones from the school, ambulance crews ready to assist those hurt or in severe shock, before then reuniting them with their loved ones.

Unnoticed amongst the eagerness to flee the scene of such horrors, a young male adjust his uniform so as to conceal a black and silver ink glitter pen.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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