“Wow I’d hate to see the other guy!” commented Melvin as he watched Tumbor edging closer to he edge of Willow Morass.

“He’s hurt badly,” replied Yulien, observing the way he manoeuvred his way through the swamp water.

Fraevon and Jax had already begun to wade out so as to assist their friend the last short distance, offering an arm so to ease whatever ailed him.

“As much as it is good to see you both, I am more than capable of making it out of this god forsaken place unaided.”

The pair looked at each other, then preceded to lift the dwarf, one upon each side.

“You always were as stubborn as a mule.”

Yulien knelt in readiness, reciting words of arcana as pulsating beams of cyan light ebbed and flowed from her hands. Rohlen stood beside her, shock consuming him. Never had Tumbor looked to weak and frail, never had any of them seen him defeated.

“Lay him here,” demanded Yulien, pointing to the ground before her. A wisp of magical energy slipped off the end of her finger, fizzling as it hit the floor. 

Though he protested, all be it half heartedly, the sight of Yulien lifed his spirits. A collective gasp rang through the group as the extent of his infected leg was exposed. The leg itself had turned black, with the wound seeping a bloody green bile.

Yulien slowly and deliberated placed her hands, the light blue magical energy drawing the infection whilst working its way into his veins. Over time, the natural colour began returning to the leg, the black being replaced by a bronzed rugged flesh tone.

“You shall regain your strength soon,” said Yulien, momentarily exhausted from her exertions.

“I am indebted to you,” Tumbor replied honestly. “Had our paths not crossed when they did, I doubt I would have made it much further.”

“It’s good to have you back,” said Jax placing a hand upon the dwarf’s shoulder.

“Yes,” added Fraevon. “It will be good to have you travel with us once more.”

The twins echoed those sentiments, welcoming back their old friend and companion.

“What happened to your axe?” enquired Melvin, once more igniting a unified gasp from the group.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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