Find a friend

By virtue of his long elven stride, Fraevon was able to cover the distance to the edge of Willow Morass quicker than the others, with Melvin chuntering at the back seemingly only half jogging. 

Since waking at the shrine, he made no secret of his preference to abandon the group, instead waiting upon a trader caravan with which to seek travel to any large inhabited settlement. The sound of a distant screech from one of those ethereal beings, quickly changed his view as to perhaps there was safety to be had in numbers.

The sight of the warped and twisted trees of the swamp caused Fraevon to shudder with disgust. Instead of being adorned with leaves of vibrant greens, they looked like naked blackened limbs reaching out from their watery grave. The intermittent fog that rolled across the surface of the swamp gave it an eerie and sinister appearance. 

Being stealthy, as well as fleet of foot, he was able to approach undetected, what appeared to be some kind of deer like creature grazing upon the banks of the swamp. As he watched, dispelling his thoughts that nothing good could live in such a place, the reason for him being there momentarily slipped his mind. The sound of the others approaching heavy footed, brought him back whilst also spooking the creature.

“Do you see him?” shouted Jax.

With keen sight the Elf scanned far into the murky depths of Willow Morass until into view came a bedraggled looking humanoid figure, half swimming, half hoping, muttering obscenities as only a dwarf can.

“I see him,” replied Fraevon. “He seems a little angry.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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