Awakening pt2

Just as the last gasp of air was about to escape into the watery depths of Willow Morass, Tumbor’s eyes flashed open. In blind panic and horror, he flailed wildly trying to right himself, to allow air into his water filled lungs.

Spluttering and coughing the dwarf watched as a deer like creature bounded off in the distance. A faint recollection of something cold and wet nuzzling his head came to mind, something that helped in pulling him from within a state of unconciousness. He rubbed he forehead too.

If anything, the knock to the head helped to mask the pain in his left leg, though that proved to be short lived when he tried to walk. Reaching for his axe, more out of validation than actually hoping it was there, he cursed several times under his breath.

“Right you old fool,” he said to himself. “You’re lost, in pain and hungry. Which way.”

Reasoning that it wouldn’t intentionally head into danger, and would most likely be on the hunt for food, he decided it best to follow in the direction of the deer like creature. With any luck it may guide him out of the swamp altogether.

Adopting a hybrid hop come swim manoeuvre, he was able to make slow steady progress, however the creature had long disappeared from view. Undeterred, he stayed his course, cursing loudly everytime his injurrd leg crashed against the multitude of hidden object under the water.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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