A prayer’s vision

“Melvin, search her for traps of some kind. I do not trust we that we have been dumped here and our weapons simply returned,” said Jax.

“Why trap it? I am certain that if we were wanted dead, we would be by now.”

“Perhaps, but indulge me if you will.”

Rohlen and Fraevon were discussing a friendly wager as to possible outcomes, settling on the thief finding nothing, and then poisoning himself when removing his daggers. Yulien was knelt in prayer at the base of the the statue.

Finding nothing, Melvin reached out for the Elf’s weapons, however just as his hand touched the cold wood of the bow, Yulien screamed in horrified dismay,


The thief, caught by surprise, screamed too jumping away from the diety some several feet.

“What did you see?” asked Rohlen, rushing to his sister’s side, seeing that she was visibly shaken by her gifted vision.

“He’s in great danger.”

“Pfft. He can certainly look after himself that one,” replied Melvin, bent over hands on his knees as he regained his composure.

“Where is he?” asked Jax sternly.

“Willow Morass!”

“That stupid, stubborn, cantankerous old fool.”

“Jax,” said Yulien, taking his arm her hands trembling. “He’s unconcious, face down in the swamp.”

“Then we have little time.” Jax reached up and gathered his array of weapons without hindrance. “Our friend needs us. If you’re with me, we travel to Willow Morass immediately.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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