Fraevon was the first to wake, the sound of pounding rain upon the tiled roof, waking him from his magically induced sleep. He found himself to be within a roadside shrine, wrapped snuggly, along with his companions, around the base of some unknown deity.

She was female, shrouded in a hooded cloak, but with both arms held outward as if in offering, or receiving. As the Elf wriggled free from his sleeping position, he saw that all of their weapons were sitting within those outstretched arms. Given all that he’d witnessed within the underground passageway, he held a nervous hesitation about simply taking them.

Opting to leave them where they lay, he decided to gather an idea as to their current location, besides being within a shrine and no longer underground.

The shrine was set beside a well travelled road, deep ruts filled with rain water evidence of passing wagons, though there was very little sign of foot traffic. With keen sight, he could see Willow Marass in the distance behind the shrine, suggesting they’d not exactly bypassed it, as skirted around part of it. With the mountains protruding from the western horizon, he was assured of their next direction of travel.

“Where are we?” enquired Jax coming round from his slumber.

“Safe,” replied Fraevon returning to the shrine.

“I see the weather’s as pleasant as ever!”

“I’ve almost forgotten what it is to see the sun.”

“You will see her again soon my friend,” offered Jax, not completely convinced by his own words.

The remaining three woke together, greeting each other with confused looks.

“Where are we now?” asked Melvin, dejection in his voice.

“South of Willow Morass, with our destination due West,” confirmed Fraevon. “However first, what are your thoughts upon that.” He pointed to the array of weapons within the deity’s hands.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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