Mockery pt3

“I knew it! Come take it Kender!”

Tumbor swung his axe high above his head single handed, bringing it back round so as the blade could rest in his opposite hand.

“Now why would I do that? I have daggers with tips soaked in the poison of the Azure Bullfrog, and darts in the poison of the Willow Spider.”

The spider’s poison, whilst not lethal, was designed to make prey lethargic, resulting in every movement being a real struggle. The Bullfrog’s on the other hand could put down the largest of prey, working its way through the victim’s bloodstream, thickening it within the veins as it went. Death was almost assured.

There was no emotion on the face of the dwarf at the revelation, instead he tapped his blade upon his hand, shifting his stance so as to avoid sinking into the mud.

“Was that, over your dead body?” enquired the Kender playfully. “It would seem that I have you at a disadvantage.”

“That will be the only way.”

The Kender doubled over placing both hands upon his knees, laughing so hard he almost lost his balance from upon the brachyuran he was stood.

“Why are you laughing?” shouted Tumbor, his calm demeanour crumbling to signs of anger.

“What purpose have I for an axe that’s almost my size?” replied the Kender still laughing. “I’d drown trying to carry that.”

The dwarf cursed and grumbled loudly once more, turning from the mischievous annoyance and began heading off once again through the swamp.

“No,” whispered the Kender. “I shall part you of it once you’re clear of this place.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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