Willow Morass pt 2

The filth and sludge of the swamp was deeper than the dwarf had expected, coming up easily to waist height, and underfoot the trail gave way to a mud in which he feet became consumed should he stand too long.

Between the trees, in places, a dense fog lingered make visibility at times difficult. He was on edge constantly, always with a sense that eyes were upon him, stalking him, waiting for a perfect moment to strike.

Figuring that whatever inhabited this godforsaken place was already aware he was trapesing through their home uninvited, Tumbor began humming and singing heroic dwarven deeds of old. Perhaps if they saw he held no fear, they would be less inclined to attack. It always helped to calm his nerves.

At the edge I’d the swamp disappeared behind him, once more he questioned why he hadn’t been tucking into a bowl of stew, warm and dry back in the inn, instead he was hungry, soaking wet and up to his stomach in filth.

That was when he realised all the food he’d brought with him, were stashed in pouches upon his belt. The same belt that was submerged under the water. Tumbor pulled out a sodden bead loaf, and seveal pieces of wet filthy chicken.

In a fit of rage at his own stupidity, he launched everything out into the swamp, causing a muted ‘splash’ to resonate from where they landed. This was soon followed by the sound of several large branches being snapped as something heavy in build bludgeoned its way to investigate.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


19 thoughts on “Willow Morass pt 2

  1. I couldn’t wait to get back home and tell you this but as I reached my apartment I got into a chat with my roommates and then slept. Now that I’m awake I think I should tell you our teacher had given us a home assignment to read a poem and we were meant to present it in the class.. I forgot as always. So about 10 minutes before her slot I took out my phone and your poem that I had reposted on Instagram was in my phone’s notes. I took it out and in the class presented it.. by the expressions of everyone in the class plus my teacher it seemed that everyone was impressed by the poem.
    Plus in the beginning Ma’am asked me the title I blurted out “The Four Ws” then to explain further I said “it represents overthinking and bla bla..”

    I thought I should share it with you so you know that when you were (probably) sleeping in your bed 20 students on the other side of the globe were listening to your poem plus my interpretations of your words.

    I hope this made you smile.

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