Sneak Attack

What Tumbor hadn’t expected was the ‘thump’ of an arrow piercing his shoulder pad and lodging itself it firmly in his muscle. The pain was excruciating, but it only seemed to sadistically excite the dwarf. Another lodged into his upper thigh as he stood, grabbing for his axe. Neither appeared to hinder him as he ran full speed towards the arrows’ origin.

The sight of an enraged dwarf pounding towards them, especially one that had taken two hits already, sent the two goblin scurrying from cover. Both dropped their bows, reaching for swords ready for the inevitable impact.

Tumbor led with his shoulder, crashing into the first of them, sending him flying several feet and putting him prone on his back upon the sodden, muddy earth. The second slashed his sword across the breast plate of the dwarf, barely causing a scratch as the blade struck dwarven forged metal.

He stopped and smiled through his bedraggled beard, soaking in the fear now showing in the goblin’s eyes.

“Boo!” he said, causing the offending sword to be dropped from quivering hands. The goblin turned and fled.

Turning his gaze to the other goblin for a second, watching him scrambling still on his back away from him, Tumbor released an axe from his belt and threw it in the direction of the runner. It struck between the shoulder blades, taking the goblin off his feet as he cra shed in a motionless heap on the floor.

“Any more?” asked Tumbor stepping menacingly towards the remaining goblin.

Either it didn’t understand, or refused to answer. He asked again. Still the goblin said nothing, instead opting to continue scrambling away clumsily. The downward arc of the great axe crashed into the goblin’s chest, splitting wide flesh and bone. Tumbor wiped the blood spray from his face with a mix of disgust and satisfaction.

It was now the pain of the two arrows bit hard, and he wished that Yulien and her healing had been close. Snapping the shaft of each, he headed back to the campfire cursing expletives upon the way at how at much removing them was going to hurt.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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