To sleep with you

Yulien continued to thrash violently upon the floor, her cries of pain almost too impossible to bear as the old cleric continued kneeling over her mumbling ancient arcane scriptures.

“Whatever it is your doing, I don’t think it is working,” said Melvin, still very much on the periphery of events, and oblivious to what it all meant.

“Patience,” replied the cleric calmly. “Our journey here could well be as long as your quest overall.” He snapped his fingers. “Perhaps sleep would benefit you all.”

The three remaining companions watched as small luminescent bugs began floating down from the ceiling, as the light from the torches  seemed to soften and melodic music filled the air. Both Fraevon and Melvin soon began to feel their eyelids become heavy, as the occasional yawn escaped their lips.

“It’s a spell,” half shouted Rohlen, trying desperately to fight his own tiredness. He began attempting a dispell, however he merely fumbled over his words and crumpled upon the floor. Fraevon and Melvin followed suit.

“Sleep hard mighty adventurers, for you would not see favourably this next part.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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