“Put a stop to this now or so help me!”

Fraevon’s lighting quick reflexes put himself directly behind Jax, allowing him to restrain the enraged fighter before he was able to lunge at the elderly Cleric. Despite his slight frame, the Elf was also remarkably strong and was able to curtail Jax’s writhing to free himself.

“Sadly, he speaks the truth,” said Rohlen, his head bowed low as if he shared in some disgrace that had befallen his sister.

“What do mean it’s true?” replied Jax, now in some state of disbelief and now longer struggling against Fraevon’s restraints. “And you knew?”

“The ghosts in Greshfell,” continued Fraevon. “Those were summoned by Yulien.”

“There have been other incidents,” said Rohlen. “I have talked to her about stopping, and for a while she had.” There was a pause where no one spoke.

“But? Go one,” Jax barked sternly.

“I’m sure she did what she thought was best, especially as you were being so overrun.”

“They weren’t even hurting me!”

“Because she placed a protection spell on you,” snapped Rohlen. “When she realised it was fading, and the goblin had fled the Hag Witch’s ethereal minions, well she summoned some of her own.”

“And you let her, and now she’s dying. You did this to her,” Jax tried in vain to break himself free, but this time focusing his anger at Rohlen.

“No,” said the old cleric, calmly. “We must all take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. You sir, would be best served sleeping until this is all over.” He waved his hand in the direction of Jax’s face, and immediately the struggling fighter went limp in Fraevon’s arms. “It will hard enough without you all fighting amongst yourselves.”

Rohlen stared as the Elf laid Jax upon the floor, pulling a blanket from his belongings to act as a pillow.

“So you heard everything?”

Fraevon stood and placed his hand on Rohlen’s arm by way of giving assurance to the mage.

“I heard enough, but I trust you both with my life. We have known each other long enough for me to doubt that now.”

Rohlen placed his hand on top of Fraevon’s and nodded. “Thank you.”

“Well this is all very cosy, anyone wish to fill me in?” asked Melvin, as he stood looking clumsily lost at current proceedings.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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