Tread carefully 

A mysterious crumbling sound, followed by a few choice expletives could be heard shortly after Melvin had entered the adjoining room.

Jax and Fraevon ran to investigate, while Rohlen sought private counsel with his sister.

“How did you know? Have your prayers offered you an insight?”

“Insight?” she replied as she turned to follow the others, also somewhat perplexed by his questions.

“Did you prayers offer you foresight. Any clue as to may lay ahead?”

“Brother, you of all should know that prayers are sacred, personal to the one in prayer.”

“Yes but….”

“Just be assured that no harm shall befall those that simply pass through.”

He was not entirely happy with his twin’s response, though he took comfort from her words and accompanied her in joining the others.

This room was equally as opulent as the one previous, with gold gilded frames and ornate torches upon the walls. It was long and thin, and also devoid of furniture, instead large gold and black squares adorn the floor in random fashion.

“Well what colour was it?” asked Jax, referring to a missing tile three in from the door. Fraevon and Jax had both found themselves stood upon a black, whilst Melvin stood perfectly still on a gold.

“I think it was gold,” replied Melvin unconvincingly.

“I would wager there is a pattern needed in which to safely cross,” suggested Rohlen eyeing the situation for the first time.

“Any ideas?” asked the thief looking directly at Yulien in the process. She remained silent.

“We shall look for clues as to which route to take.”

“Please hurry. I would hate for this tile to take me to where the other now resides.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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