Truth reveals itself

“Yulien! What are doing?” shouted Jax.

She was stood motionless in middle of the room, hundreds of spiders crawling their way up her body. Those upon the ceiling were congregating just above her head.

“It’s not real,” she kept saying to herself, over and over again.

“Come on man, get this door open,” he said turning his attention to Melvin who seemed to be fumbling with his picks in the lock.

“By all means take over if you think it would help,” the thief replied in a somewhat sincere, yet sarcastic manner.

Rohlen had seen enough, he ran to the aid of his sister, brushing the arachnids from her body whilst trying to snap her from the trance she seemed to be under. As he did so, the colony above their heads fell upon them.

“They’re not real,” said Yulien to her flailing brother. “You cannot feel them.” Though her words fell upon silent ears as her brother battled to rid them from himself, discarding his cloak in the process.

“Done!” shouted Melvin as the door sprung open.

As it did so, the room immediately returned to its opulent state. The spiders were no more, which left Rohlen flailing at nothing but the air around him.

“What kind of evil sorcery is this?” mumbled Jax hoping no one heard.

“Not evil, just protective illusions,” clarified Yulien. “There must be something of great importance ahead the clerics felt the need to protect.”

“Important? Well let us not dally,” said Melvin already heading into the next room.

“My senses tell me that the way ahead spells danger for us all,” confided Fraevon to Jax’s ear.

“I sense it too old friend.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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