Not all is as it seems

“I cannot believe he would just leave like that,” said Melvin to the other, sheers surprise in his voice.

“He is a cantankerous old fool,” replied Rohlen, seemingly annoyed at the dwarf’s parting.

“Maybe so, but he’s our friend and we should respect his decision,” chipped in Fraevon.

Yulien and Jax led the way into the next room without discussing the matter. It was a room filled to the brim with gold gilded pictures, and fine upholstered furniture. Ornate torches upon the walls illuminated the room brightly, the flames reflecting brightly of the gold work.

“Not short of a few coin the cleric of this town,” remarked Jax taking in his surroundings

“Somethings not right,” whispered Yulien to herself.

The others soon joined them in the room, mouths ajar at the splendour, with Fraevon the last to enter. As he passed the threshold of the door, it reappeared behind him, blocking their path back.

“I approve of the decor,” said Melvin as he picked up a golden bowl full of fruit from one of the occasional tables. “Good job the dwarf did leave, it means we can finally eat.”

The thief put back the bowl, taking a ripe red apple in its place. Slowly he sunk his teeth into the fruit, awaiting the sweet taste of its juice upon his lips. It didn’t come, instead tasting like foul and with a pungent smell of decay. He threw it to the floor, spitting out the part he’d bitten off, and began furiously wiping his mouth and tounge with the sleeve of his shirt.

The moment the apple touched the floor, the decor began to change. Gone was the gilded frames and opulent furniture, instead everything now looked aged, and weathered. Dust and cobwebs covered everything.

“What did you do?” shouted Jax in the direction of Melvin, though he was too busy trying to rid himself of the awful taste that threatened to part ways with the contents of his stomach.

“An illusion spell,” whispered Yulien, again almost only audible to herself. “But which is the apparition?”

Fraevon was the first to spot them. Spiders crawling out from the crevasses within the crumbling walls, making there way both down and across the floor, and up across the ceiling. Instinctively he reached out to remove a torch from the walls, but as he did so the flame flickered and died.

“The door,” he shouted to the others, who by now, had spotted their unwelcome guests and were busy stomping and flailing at them. It was locked.

“Now would be a good time to prove your skills,” said Jax as Melvin set about trying to pick the lock.

“And avoid and traps in the process,” added Rohlen.

The room was slowly being overrun by arachnids of all manner of shapes and size. Yulien stood in the middle of the room unfazed as she continued to discern which was real and which was a mere spell.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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