The underground passageway was in its infancy, when it opened out around what appeared to be a well of unknown depth. A small waist high wall surrounded the hole, presumably to stop anyone accidently falling in, though it wouldn’t that difficult pushing someone.

Across the otherside, their way was blocked by a closed door. A small plaque with writing on it was nailed to it about head height. Melvin read it aloud for all to hear,

“Sacrifice all weapons, for the way forward to be granted.”

“Oh no!” laughed Tumbor. “This here is a family heirloom.” He patted the blade across his shoulders lovingly.

“I would attempt to pick there lock, if there were a lock to pick,” remarked Melvin. The group took a closer look.

“Magical,” said Rohlen calmly.

Jax looked at Yulien, who had been relatively quiet since her revelation after her prayers.

“Is this another of those traps you mentioned?” Yulien simply shrugged and said nothing. “So then we sacrifice our weapons.”

“I will admit the thought of discarding my bow concerns me,” chipped in Fraevon. “But if it is the only way.”

“Not the only way, for there is always the dwarven way.” Tumbor lifted his axe and brought it down upon the door with great force. However, instead of shattering as the trapdoor had, the door shimmered upon impact, recoiling both dwarf and axe with equal force. They both lay in a heap beside the wall of the well, his diminutive size saving him.

“Magical,” said Rohlen under his breath.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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