For any of you following my mini-series on here, or just like some of the rubbish I post, more apologies for the lack of it the past few days.

Sunday I was struck, for the first time ever, with the most excruciating headache. It put me on my arse so badly, I spent the entire day in bed trying to sleep it off.

Thankfully, come Monday I was over the worst of it, and though foggy brained, I was back in work for my day job. Good job too because had it persisted, and my history of suffering a bleed on the brain/stroke, I’d have been straight off the the Dr’s to get it checked.

I would say that this was a mother of all migraines, and she bit like a bitch. All goes well, I should be back later with another installment of the fantasy story.



9 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. I was honestly concerned. I had this feeling inside that something wasn’t quite right and I got a bit worried to the point I almost sent you a private email of worry. I just didn’t want to bother you…. so, I am quite relieved with this news. I did miss seeing you. Hopefully that’s done and over for a good, long while. 💕

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