Time to sleep

“It is settled then, we set off for the passageway early morrow,” stated Jax. “I suggest you slumber where you can. Rohlen, Yulien. Are you adequately rested to keep first watch?”

Melvin looked befuddled. Firstly because he never recalled agreeing himself taking them to the underground passage, and secondly, the need for a watch when they were safe within four walls of a home, and that home was within a deserted town.

“A watch! Is that necessary?” he asked to no one in particular.

Fraevon took the gauntlet of explaining things, “There are creatures that lurk on the fringes of the town. Creatures not of this realm.”

“Have they ever entered Greshfell?”

“To my knowledge no,” continued the Elf. “But I have seen first hand that they prey on the unsuspecting and vulnerable.”

“And we would be both should we all be asleep,” add Jax.

Melvin shivered momentarily, the thought of the supernatural had frightened him as a child, and his fear had seemingly followed into adulthood.

“Well that’s me not getting much sleep now.”

Fraevon took Melvin by the arm, “You’ll be lucky to sleep through the sound of our dwarven friend’s snoring.” Tumbor was already drifting where he sat, his lower lip quivering as he exhaled.

The the exception of the twins, the others bedded down, and within minutes were all sound asleep.

“Why?” Rohlen asked his sister, knowing their conversation would be private. “You promised that you would never use the words from that tome again.”

“For the greater good brother.”

Rohlen looked at the group before continuing, for should they know the consequences of hus sister’s actions, they would cast them both aside without haste.

“You know, as well as I, that using those words can manipulate and corrupt your soul towards evil.”

Yulien pressed her cheek to that of her brother’s, whispering softly into his ear,

“There is a little evil in all of us, just some hide it better.”

Instantly the both snapped their attentions back those sleeping. Fraevon had rolled over, pulling his blanket up higher. The twins then looked at each other with concerned expressions, we wondering as to whether their conversation had been overhead. Only time would tell.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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