The Twins’ Secret

A groan from the bed alerted everyone to Yulien’s awakening. She stretched and then looked to her brother with confusion as to how she’d come to be dry, warm, and inside a strange home. He hushed her without saying anything, just a glance.

“Good eve,” said Jax. “That was some sleep.”

“I guess I was more tired than I realised.”

“Well you certainly missed all the fun!” he replied with a smile.

“Aye! Goblin going squish, ghosts going poof, and then when the good stuff was over…….we met Bob.” Tumbor continued feasting on the banquet he’d stuffed in his pockets, toes toasting still by the fire.

Yulien looked with a smile at the new arrival, much to the disapproval of Jax. He began arranging his belongings, hanging those that were soaked by the fire, much to Tumbor’s annoyance.

“A pleasure to meet you, Bob.” Tumbor smiled.

“Actually,” started Melvin, but he paused mid sentence. “No matter. The pleasure is mine. They never told me of ghosts.”

Rohlen stared at his sister this time, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Fraevon. The way the were able to communicate through seemingly saying nothing had always fascinated him. There was something amiss, and it had something to do with the ‘friendly’ apparitions and Yulien. He chose to say nothing.

“Perhaps more spirits of Shala” she replied convincingly.

“Shala the hag witch?” exclaimed Melvin. “I thought,”

“She is very much alive, if you can call her that,” said Jax, not looking up from his gear.

“Don’t tell me,”

“Aye! We’re going to cleave off her pretty little head,” said Tumbor, biting into a loaf of bread symbolically.

“You’re mad. All of you. I’ll be having none of this particular folly.”

Jax rolled up his pouch belt and turned his attention upon his sword, drawing it from its sheath before cleaning the blade ready for sharpening.

“So be it. But we’d be greatly appreciative if you’d show us the location of that tunnel you were blabbering about.”

“Oh no! Not if Shala’s minions are roaming the streets.”

Yulien, who by now was up off the bed, placed a reassuring hand upon Melvin’s shoulder.

“Trust me Bob, there are no more ghosts.”

The Elf watched intently as Rohlen’s gaze burnt a fiery red in the direction of his sister, then even more so as she failed to react to his displeasure. There was a secret being kept between them. A bad secret.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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