“What happened to them?” asked Tumbor, watching intently as Fraevon led the horse into town.

“Another of those soul stealers was attacking Rohlen.”

“Ha!” retorted the dwarf. “Karma for magically blasting the other one.”

“Yulien!” shouted Jax returning to the street from inside a house he’d been investigating.

“She appears to be merely sleeping,” remarked the Elf. “It attacked Rohlen.”

“What did?”

“A friend of the one he blasted to smithereens.”

“Are you okay?” said Jax, taking the Elf by the arm, looking him dead in the eye.

“Strangest thing. I was ready for its attack when it simply evaporated.”

“Probably didn’t see much of a challenge,” scoffed Tumbor.

“Quite the contrary,” replied Jax.

Both Fraevon and Tumbor exchanged confused looks, more as to Jax’s comprehension of matters, than the initial jibe.

“Think about it,” he continued. “The first we saw attacking a fragile defenceless woman, then when threatened, it chose to attack the horse rather than attack you. Now this new one, saw those two sleeping and saw an opportunity, but again when threatened, it flees rather than fight.”

“So they prey on the vulnerable,” said Fraevon.

“It would appear that way.”

“So why were they, and still are, sleeping?” questioned the Dwarf.

“My assumption would be their bodies need time to recover from the magical energies they’ve expelled, and as such we best get them inside to dry off.”

“We could all do with getting out of the rain,” remarked Fraevon. “I’ve not known it to be this persistent.”

“Aye, and some food would be welcome too,” said Tumbor rubbing his stomach. “Hunger always follows a good battle.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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