Dangerous Lands

As the siblings lay, sheer exhaustion having consumed them, a previously unseen assassin made its move. Without sound or visible tracks, it moved across the sodden ground. It was within striking distance when it suddenly stopped and began silently sniffing the air.

Closer it moved toward Yulien, seemingly inhaling whatever scent she was emitting. Then towards Rohlen. This time the creature was not so taken with his scent, instead it reeled backward and let out a deafening and horrifying screech. Still the two siblings slept.

Fraevon, having been sent by Jax to collect the pair, instantly froze at the hearing of the creatures call. It was the same he had heard from the creature that killed his horse. Notching an arrow into his bow, the Elf approached now with cautioned fear.

The vision that greeting him, was all too familiar to that when he approached the overturned wagon. However instead of a hapless female stranger, it was the soul of his friend Rohlen the creature was extracting.

Arrow upon arrow pierced the ethereal matter that was the assassin. Once more it screeched as wisps of itself evaporated into the rain as each arrow passed through it, Fraevon advancing with every draw of his bow.

The creature relinquished its hold on the mage and began gliding towards its attacker. Knowing fully the outcome should its clawed hand touch him, Fraevon abandoned his bow in favour of his sword. Drawing it swiftly, he arced the blade through the air waiting to deal a killing blow. A blow that wouldn’t be delivered.

The creature, seemingly sensing the situation, screeched a final time before dissolving into a hazy mist and then vanishing altogether. Much to Fraevon’s relief. 

Sheathing his sword, he made haste to Yulien and Rohlen who had remained in deep slumber, and thus unknowing of the danger they were both just saved from. Taking Yulien’s horse, he picked them up and laid them across her mount, ready to set off back to Jax and Tumbor.

In the distance another screech could be heard, to which Fraevon dared not to think as to the reasons behind it. His paced quicked as he made haste towards Greshfell.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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