Intrinsic Complexities 


The immediate instant physical attraction,

The yearning to strip naked the one you lust for,



Perhaps even both,

But what happens once you dig under the surface,

You’ve scratched the itch,

And now you begin to discover them,

What if intrinsic complexities of the other,

Reside miles apart from your own,

Can attracted opposites really compromise enough to last,

Is fucking enough of a latch to keep two people together,

Maybe lust is the quick fix solution to a bigger desire,

Only when two souls,

On the same page,

Collide in that perfect moment of right place,

Right time,

Only when the intrinsic complexities interweave themselves,

Can the roots of love be planted.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


7 thoughts on “Intrinsic Complexities 

  1. Interesting. I’ve actually been pondering this very same thing myself as of late. Lust and love. Can lust be the spark that ignites love? Can it be possible that love is already underlying and lust boils at the surface because unseen love is below? Can you have both?

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    • I believe you can have both, as much as you can have one or the other. Lust is short lived, spontaneous to the point of instant gratification. Love is longer lasting. When you discover mutual love and lust, for as long as both remain, that is the best connection you can make with another.

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      • Love for a lover is not eternal. For some it fades quickly, for others the expiry date may be after they’ve slipped this mortal coil. I believe you should love anyway, and reap the goodness it offers whilst it lasts.

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      • Oh I have given my heart to a man, far from me, I love him in a way I don’t fully understand. But while I believe he feels a level of connection with me, I sense he does not return my love. So, me being me, unable to come out and say hey, I love you, can we make this work? I try to say it in other ways. And lay here with him constantly on my mind with my heart long gone. He is not my Lover in any way but my own mind. So I look far across the waves, longing for wings to fly. I believe he will always hold my heart even if he doesn’t realize it. But maybe, as you say, this is not eternal and my heart will return to me.


  2. SarainLaLaLand says:

    This seems relatable, although it doesn’t bring on good memories. It can be a good thing though, as a comparison and I think it teaches appreciation. Thank you.

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    • Thank you Sara, although it saddens me it holds not so good memories. I think we could all be accused of lusting over a, in our mind, perfect outer wrapping. It’s what we do when we find out the compatibility of souls is flawed, that tells us about ourselves.


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