Assault on Greshfell

“Taking them on single handed? Or getting a head start before Rohlen magically obliterates them?”

“Humpf!” replied Tumbor to Jax’s playful jibe as he rode up alongside him.

“You’re aware that a tidal wave of green will soon be upon us!” suggested Fraevon, his bow primed.

“Then they shall fall by my axe blade.”

“You will have your chance,” said Yulien. “They’re coming!”

Several heavily armed goblin guards rushed forward, quickly covering the distance between them and the companions. One stopped midway, notched an arrow upon its bow string, but then dropped both as the full force of an elven arrow took it from its feet and sent it several yards back from where it came.

Another that had been weiding a half spear, found himself being lifted by unseen hands several foot off the ground. As it flailed helplessly, Rohlen swiped his hand swiftly to the right. Magical energy crackled around his arm, reacting with the rapid movement through the rain filled air. The goblin was hurled in the same direction, landing heavily and snapping it’s leg around the knee.

Jax rode fast, a ethereal glow around him and his horse, no doubt a result of the incantation being spoken purposefully by Yulien. His sword met with chest of one of the remaining goblin, its own sword connecting at the same time with the flank of the horse. Whilst the mount was unaffected by the goblin’s blow, Jax’s tore a huge gapping wound causing the goblin the double over and slump heavily to the floor.

Three had, whether by design or mere unfortunate coincidence, found themselves confronted by an enraged dwarf frothing at the mouth. Each lunged forward with their assortment of weapons, some causing scratching wounds where Tumbor’s hide like skin was exposed. He laughed sadistically with each, lifting his axe high above head, before bringing it arcing down, slicing the three goblin clean in half. Blood splattered the dwarf, only seemingly sending him into even more of an enraged battle fury.

More goblin poured up the path out of Greshfell, Fraevon doing his utmost to pick off any that looked to brandish a bow of their own. Jax circled and harried, cutting down any foolish enough to get close.

The bell of Greshfell’s church tolled, an alarm alerting the entire goblin horde of the battle being fought on its outskirts. There were too many. For every goblin to fall, three more arrived to seek revenge. There was no option but to retreat.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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