Save a life to save another

Fraevon rode cautiously, his mount heeding his every silent command. He spotted the wagon had lost a wheel, stuck fast in a muddy rut in the road. The wagon’s content lay strewn, a human male lay face down in a muddy, blood stained puddle surrounded by several equally deceased goblin. The wagon’s horse was long gone, a trail of hoof prints showed it galloping off eastward.

Still with his bow ready to react, the arrow drawn just an inch or two further back, the Elf rounded the side of the wagon. Whilst he was prepared for any unexpected movement or ambush, his horse was taken with sheer fright at what they were to behold, whinneying and rearing almost throwing Fraevon in the process.

A spectral entity was lurched over a dying woman, seemingly pulling her very soul from her body. It too was taken aback by the intrusion, turning and letting out a harrowing scream as it let slip it’s grasp on the woman.

“Yulien!” shouted Fraevon, knowing the woman would require her assistance, and the others would come in haste to assist him. And indeed they did, riding hard and fast.

With deft agility, the notched arrow was let loose towards the ‘creature’, however it pierced and carried straight through its ethereal form, striking the trunk of a tree behind it. It entity reeled backwards as though in pain, wisps of its ghostly form dispersing up into the rain filled sky.

The others were still making up ground as the creature struck a blow to the side of the horse’s neck. Razor sharp talons slashed deep through the fabric of the animal without so much as a cut or tear. Instantly its legs buckled as the very lifeforce of the beast fell silent and cold.

Fraevon unleashed another arrow whilst jumping from his mount and to a distance away from any attack directed at him. The arrow, as before, pierced straight through causing the entity to scream in pain once again, as more of its ghostly form evaporated.

Tumbor’s unmistakable battle cry drowned out any other sound for what could possibly be miles all around, as he lifted his huge axe and ran at full speed towards the humanoid shape, just as a bolt of magical energy obliterated it into tiny wisps of ethereal matter.

“Why must you always do that!” shouted the dwarf allowing his axe to fall under its own weight.

“Who was to say that it would have worked so effectively?” sniggered Rohlen.

“Perhaps you could let him vent his frustration just one time,” commented Jax, trying hard to conceal his amusement.

Fraevon watched as Yulien placed her hands upon the dying woman. Mystical energy warped around her fingers, and then began to dance around the prone woman’s body, seemingly bringing back from the brink of death.

“Tis a true gift you have Yulien,” remarked the Elf as he watched the woman stand and begin paying eternal gratitude to them all, especially Yulien.

“How ever can I repay you? All that I had has been pilfered by goblin, my husband killed. Had you not intervened, they would have killed me too.”

None of the companions dared to speak of what actually happened, for they weren’t entirely sure themselves. Instead they insisted repeatedly that no payment was necessary, until Jax offered a compromise.

“If you insist on repayment, travel further in the direction you intended. There you may happen upon a boy by a campfire. If so, consider looking after him our payment.”

With a pocket full of gifted provisions and a few coin, the woman set off to find the boy of which they spoke.

“We’ll have no food left at the rate your giving it away,” moaned Tumbor, biting into a half loaf of bread.

“Feel free to stop eating my friend, should the thought of going hungry in the future bother you,” jibed Jax.

“Humpf!” replied the dwarf as tore off another mouthful before returning the remnants to his pouch.

Copyrigh: authorchrisbrown 


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