The ride to Greshfell pt2

“We should make camp here,” suggested Fraevon. “The crop of trees will provide shelter as well as fuel for our fire.”

“Great idea,” replied Jax. “There is not much left of this night, so best we use what there is for slumber.”

“Pathetic idea if you ask me,” mumbled Tumbor. “Cursed bloody trees. Should of kept going till we found a cave. We all know that’s real shelter.”

“Aye dwarf! And so do many other creatures. Many of which would consider us a late night snack.” Jax smiled at his irritated companion. “Besides, would you not be pleased to once more be upon your own two feet.”

“Well, yes, I erm.” Tumbor continued to stumble over his word, before jumping to the floor below.

The twins set out there sleeping arrangements beside each other, whilst Jax and Tumbor discussed the merits of campsite location. “My sister and I will meditate now. Please, do not disturb us.” This plea was ignored, however they both sank into an arcane sleep like state regardless.

“Jax!” whispered Fraevon suddenly, pulling him from his debate with the dwarf. “We are being followed.”

“I know,” replied Jax. “They’ve been on our trail since we left the inn.”

“Point me in their direction and I’ll go put a stop to them following us,” boomed Tumbor reaching for his axe ‘Trollcleaver’.

“That won’t be necessary,” remarked Jax, taking the dwarf by the shoulder. “Their intentions will become clear soon enough. Right now we need warmth and food in our stomachs.”

“I shall return with supper,” said the Elf as he took flight with bow in hand.

“Rabbit would be wonderful,” salivated Tumbor, the mere thought sending his mouth into uncontrollable spasms. “Or pigeon!”

“I shall collect the wood for the fire. You watch the twins. They’ll be like that for a few hours yet.”

Tumbor mumbled something about babysitting, trees and the persistent rain, but was choice in his not letting Jax hear. Instead he sat on a decaying log scanning the immediate close surroundings for a pair of eyes watching him.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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