Companions together

Wisps of smoke and the occasional crackle fire disappeared up the chimney, the fire itself offering welcome warmth from the contrastingly miserable cold rain outside.

The Inn was sparsely populated with fellow weary travellers, either tucking into a hearty stew, the smell of which filled the room causing Jax’s mouth to salivate, or drinking from large jugs of frothy mead that looked as equally appealing. He ordered both from a young serving wench as she passed.

There were also four other guests of the inn that couldn’t have looked more conspicuous had they tried. Yulien and Rohlen sat opposite each other, as was always customary. Far easier to read your twin’s facial expressions when facing them, as well as offering protection to their back. Beside Yulien sat Fraevon the Elf, and beside Rohlen, Tumbor the dwarf with remnants of strew and mead froth in his beard.

The latter let out a bellowing cheer at the sight of Jax’s arrival, the others standing in grating their old friend.

“It has been a while dear friend,” remarked Rohlen taking his hand. “I’m sure my sister is more happy than most to have you join us once more.” A stare from Yulien cut short his playful jibe.

“I am pleased equally to see you all, though I wish it were under better circumstances.”

Fraevon nodded whilst taking his turn to greet his returning friend. “What do you know of Shala’s return?”

“Hush my friend, for walls have ears and coin buys a telling tongue.”

Jax takes seat at the head of the table, not through any seniority within the group, more that the other seats were taken, and thanks the wench for the bowl of stew and flagon of mead when they arrive. He gifts her two copper coin, concealing them with her hand. Nervously she looks around, thanking him for his generous nature before then hiding them upon her person. Jax tucked in hungrily.

The party was complete once more, brought together by the lure of adventure, fame and riches. Brought together due to unfinished business with a hag witch called Shala.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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