The Arrival 

The sky held a heavy depressing and sombre mood, for it had rained constantly for two solid weeks. And though the sun was evidently present by its eradicating of the darkness of night, it had not been witnessed in those same number of days.

Jax Dupont, a somewhat semi reputable adventurer of note, cut an equally depressing a sight as he rode, completely drenched, up to the stables of the Golden Mercer Inn. Once inside his gaze immediately set upon a young waif of a lad shoveling out the three horses already there.

“Two copper coin to stable my horse and settle her for the night,” said Jax climbing down from his mount, patting her a number of times as he did so. “She has travelled hard, so do not go sparingly with her food you hear.”

“Of course sir. You can leave her with me. I’ll take good care of her.”

Handing over the two coin as promised into the eagerly, almost trembling, hands of stable boy, Jax gripped him firmly by his wrist.

“Another two if you part with the identity of the other three horses.”

There was a code of loyalty among travellers regarding such matters, but the boy held none for those that passed through. Jax had been the first to place coin within his hands, for it was normaly his master Yorlik that received all payments.

“First to arrive were a male and female. Human,” stated the boy. “Then an Elf some time later.”

“Ha!” laughed Jax at some private folly the young lad was not privy to. “So the grumpy bastard isn’t here yet then. Not surprising given his short rotund body is not fit for riding.”

“You mean, a dwarf?” stammered the boy. “He arrived several days ago and has feasted and drank us almost out of provisions.”

“Haha!” laughed Jax once more, dropping the four coin into the pair of waiting hands.

“So that is us all. The party once more together under one roof.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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