Cascading in a torrent of uncontrollable sadness,

Emotions swelling like turbulent storm filled sea,

An inferno of lust fuelled wildfire like passion,

These tears they fall around me,

Two souls colliding in perfecting harmony,

Yet kept apart by differing life journeys,

How cruel a world to glimmer a sight of all your hopes and dreams,

Yet stow them away across another lifetime,

Only real men cry and display emotion,

Then bear witness world to a man shedding tears of sorrow,

At a happiness you have deprived him.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


16 thoughts on “Tears

    • Alas yes this is me. Love is the single most euphoric and transfixing of emotions. I would rather love for the moment, embrace every facet that love offers whilst it lasts. Nothing is assured in this life, and love has a tendency to fade. That is when you say ‘thank you for the good times’ and seek love a new. True it hurts to say goodbye, to turn your back, but better that than an unmeasurable amount of time imprisoned. My heart is forever on my sleeve. Those that have accepted it, have gained my love for as long as they wish to keep it. Those that abuse that love, they lose all that I have to offer.

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      • My heart! My heart! It burns for you! Where I live the rain is pouring down and it as if the earth bears witness to your pain. I am like nature, my tears, they pour down my cheeks. Cruelty! Cruelty! You deserve the Love you found and (it sounds) lost. Even across the miles, my heart reaches for yours, to embrace, to hold some of the pain.

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      • And I’m sure your embrace you evaporate the tears and erode the pain, but I take solace in the companionship we have already built. Your words, thoughts and feelings offer me comfort, knowing you laugh and now cry at mine, well that is all that I could ask. Please dry your tears and smile because we are friends.

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      • Then you are more a Man than a Woman I could hope to be. I won’t promise I can stop crying, not for a while… but if it makes you feel better, we can pretend the tears aren’t flowing, smile and move forward (but the truth is: my smile will be through tears).

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