We all leave a footprint,
Some within the hearts of others,
Others upon the tops of heads,
Where boots keeps us down.

Within that footprint lurks a past,
Skeletons within cupboards,
Bad choices that come back to haunt us,
All the while we wish to stop history repeating.

We bury those misdemeanours,
Turn a new leaf and start afresh,
But the rot never dies,
It festers ready to consume again.

They find out in the end,
We slip up or bury them too shallow,
Then we wait in limbo,
Awaiting a new executioner for our crimes.

It is those that touch our hearts,
Those that forgive and forget,
But the ones that use the past against us,
They’re the oppressors that keep us forever down.

And so I wait in this limbo state,
Awaiting the verdict upon my past,
I inhale a deep breath,
And wonder if you’ll ever love me again.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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