A Solitary Moment

Sail with me,
Over melted glaciers,
Watch the whales breech,
And eagles soar,

Hike with me,
See bears fishing for salmon,
Upon mountain trails,
Along tree filled landscapes.

Walk with with me,
Along golden sandy beaches,
Watch the sun dip into the sea,
As the night comes to life.

For despite all that is around us,
Within those solitary moments,
You will be without question,
The most beautiful thing to be seen.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


16 thoughts on “A Solitary Moment

  1. Lovely piece!
    The grains of sand tickle my feet
    I close my eyes
    Is it you my love
    Filling my soul with vibes divine?
    The sea amorously laps my toes
    I close my eyes
    Is it you my love
    Sending cosmic waves down my spine?
    As I stroll down the shore
    ‘I have caressed his feet’whispers the sand
    ‘I have kissed his toes’ murmurs the sea
    You walk with me my love
    Have a wonderful Saturday!

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