They stop,
They stare,
Sometimes cross the road to avoid my passing,
What do they see that offends them?
The long hair,
The leather and denim,
Perhaps it’s the patches of bands they believe to worship Satan,
Do they think I worship Satan?
I walk proud in my colours,
In my skin that’s adorned in ink,
For I am an individual,
I walk my own path in my own style,
I’m no corporate sheep that bows to societies expectations,
I am who my desires crave me to be,
For I shall forever be me.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


16 thoughts on “Understanding

  1. Good morning Chris! Beautiful poem! When we break free from the restrictions imposed by society,we are free to dress as we like, to behave as we wish.To understand is to go deeper and to discover what lies within irrespective of the outer appearance. Most of all I believe we have to simply be ourselves and respond truthfully to each moment.
    Catch up with you to nite in the dreamland of poets.

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