Your Touch

The touch of your hand in mine is all I’ve wanted

The sensation of having touched again that which I once held

Fills me with desires that not even I can find words for

Because once I held hands with an Angel

And the knowledge warms my heart that she too held mine

I have wanted again to taste the sensation on my lips

Of what it is to kiss the one who can melt your heart with a smile

That moment that forces you to close your eyes

To lose yourself in the hazy dreams of love and lust

Safe in the knowing that her eyes are closed too

Dare I dream to explore with my hands the mental image of your body

Run may fingers around the curves that form your breasts

Would you hold me in your embrace and encourage my advances

Or would you tease me by pushing me away

Tempting me to try again with a smile and a look in your eyes

How I dream to have your touch as only an Angel would dare to touch

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


20 thoughts on “Your Touch

  1. Oh CB! I thought about you in class today, how each time I read your work everything stops still and I hold onto the words and turn them over and over.
    I didn’t have anything to add to the ‘my favourite authors’ list as mostly this year I have read and enjoyed your work the most

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