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So I’ve started writing my novels again. It been quite a while since my last book was released, and so I’ve been feeling rather guilty about neglecting that side of things.

In all fairness, I never dreamed starting a blog would have been so widely appreciated by so many. I’ve just passed 300 followers and have had some remarkable comments with respect to that which I’ve posted. I must admit, I do love telling a good story.

And so with me returning to the lure of the next Chris Brown novel, it may mean my presence here will be somewhat diluted. I will endeavour to catch all of your posts though, as I find them not only enjoyable, but inspirational. I’ll also try and keep you up to date with any new snippets or poems.

Thank you all. Please feel free to discover any older posts you may not have read, and I look forward to your continued friendship and support.

Much love: authorchrisbrown 


16 thoughts on “Writer / Author

  1. I haven’t decided on which route to take on publishing yet. My book is about 80,000 words though. Not sure how publishing houses feel about it being shorter than 100,000….hmmm…Got side tracked there. Welcome back to writing!

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    • There are plenty of published books out there less than 100k. Just remember they are after quality not quantity. I’ve also heard of books being edited to half the word count in order for it to read perfectly. Stick with it my friend, I look forward to hearing of your publishing success.

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