Writing Challenge #9

ThIs challenge was to write a Story in the Fantasy genre but must use the words: Vanish Shampoo Carpet Cleaner. Oh boy!

The ranger looked outwards from the campfire, worry set deep within his eyes. Something troubled him, something the likes he’d never encountered before.

The rest of the party mocked his over sensitivity to the world around them, favouring instead to fill their bellies of rabbit and pigeon. But even Altiaire the wizard seemed somewhat subdued whilst delicately nibbling the meat from a rabbit leg. Every now and again he would glance upwards and mumble some incomprehensible words.

“Okay! What’s got ya all hot under ya quiver Ranger?” asked Gromdil the dwarf. “Your puttin me off ma food!”

“There is a shift in the seasons,” relied the ranger, pointing eastward. “Though it is no weather I know of.”

“The Ranger is right. We must hasten to shelter,” added Altiaire.

Throm the barbarian and Drax the theif merely looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

Upon the eastern horizon, as the packed up there belongings and stowed as much meat as they could carry, the witnessed what appeared to be snow hastily blanketing the ground to the east. It was headed there way.

“This be no snow I know of,” bellowed the dwarf, ” and I know snow.”

No sooner had the mysterious snow fallen, it was followed by dark clouds and a deafening storm.

“Look at the trees!” exclaimed Drax. “They’re bending back towards the storm!”

“I fear sorcery is at hand,” shouted Altiaire, struggling to make himself heard above the wind. “Quickly, we must hurry!”

*   *   *   *

In an alternate universe, Sam’s mother had just covered the floor with her Vanish Shampoo Carpet Cleaner and was busy hoovering up before tea.

“Sam!” she called out. “Come and move these toys before you lose them to the vacuum.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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