Writing Challenge #10

So this will be the last challenge for a little while, and has a slight change to the other nine. Write a story using the key word: toilet roll, but with an indifference mood.

‘How is it not lunchtime yet’ he thought idly moving his mouse back and forth. ‘It feels like I’ve been here hours already.’

When the mouse no longer curtailed his apathy, he began spinning around slowly on his swivel chair.

“You best be careful Julian, the head boss is in today. Tom saw his Jaguar in the car park. ”

“Tell someone who gives a shit Steve.”

“I’m just say….”

“Blah blah blah!” Julian stood up and retired to the WCs. ‘That was a sure fire way of killing half an hour or so,’ he thought.

Twenty minutes later and he’s reaching for the empty toilet roll holder. Without saying a cursory word, he removes his tie and uses it to clean himself as best he could, before then smearing the contents across any surface on route out of the toilets and towards the supply cupboard.

Then, armed with an armful of toilet rolls, Julian quite calmly made his way back into the open office. One by one he threw them in random directions so as to unravel and blanket across much of the office.

Without saying anything he headed towards the exit, and as if by perfect timing, the head boss and company owner was walking in. The boss looked around in disbelief at the toilet roll littered office, and then at Julian who was wrapping a soiled scarf around his neck.

“You’re fired!” he screamed as the stench hit his nose.

“I’d like to say I don’t give a shit, but I just have.”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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