Writing Challenge #6

This challenge is to write a Murder that must contain the word: Chess Piece

It was a garden party to surpass all other garden parties. Peacocks roamed the meticulously manicured lawns, as sculpted topiary hedges lined the many white pebbled pathways. There was an opulently dressed string quartet playing the works of famous composers, setting the mood of a party styped on wealth and high society living.

It was a party that had ended all too suddenly, as accusing eyes looked at one another nervously. The police had been called after one of the guests, one Lady Penshaw, had been discovered brutally murdered with a large marble chess piece.

Was there some coincidence that the piece used was the black queen? All of the servants and waiting staff had been confined to the house kithen for questioning. The guests asked to retire inside to the drawing room.

Contained within those four walls a murderer lurked. But what motive was there for murder? And why that piece in particular? It was true Lady Penshaw was of particular wealth, but there was no guest or servant that would benefit from her demise. Perhaps then it was out of malice, but the poor late woman had never received a bad word about her. It was fair to say she had been the most pleasant and amiable of the persons there.

The facts were, that in the company of another, or others, in broad daylight whilst attending an opulent garden party, she was struck most forcibly by a heavy marble black queen chess piece, thus ending both the party and her life. A murder!

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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