Writing Challenge #4

This challenge was to write a story in the Romance genre, using the following words: Tooth Pick, Inhaler, HDMI Cable & Stapler.

He believed that everything happened for a reason, though he hadn’t fathomed out quite why he would remove his one and only HDMI cable in the middle of an online Call of Duty season, and give it to the woman next door.

She was rather attractive in a kind of older woman kind of way, but they’d been neighbours for years. Apart from that time he caught he sun bathing topless, he never thought of her like that especially as he’d used nearly an entire inhaler catching his excited breath, and yet she had his cable and he was looking at a black TV screen.

A trip into town was now required, which meant wrapping his tooth pick thin body in some decent attire. His neighbour had become accustomed to seeing him in baggy three quarter length shorts and a T Shirt covered in all manner of food stains, but venturing into town meant having to look normal.

Dressed in skinny jeans that made him look positively skeletal, and a clean T Shirt depicting one of his favourite game franchises, he was ready for catching the bus with a group of overly chatty old dears he knew, but didn’t know. They remarked, as they always did, about the fact he should eat more. He replied with his usual remark,

“I’m thin boned.”

When the bus eventually arrived, and he did the gentlemanly thing and let the ladies on first, he was left with the only seat available; one next to a rather plain Jane of a lass.

“May I?” he enquired politely.

“Sure,” she offered in responce, moving over to offer more room next to her. Not that he needed any. “Cool top. You play COD then?”

“I do, well did. I leant my neighbour my HDMI cable and so have to go into town for a new one.”

“Rookie mistake,” she said with a smile. “You’ll not see that again.”

“So what takes you to town?”

“I have an assignment to finish and I’ve broke my stapler. Don’t suppose you have one I could borrow, seeing as you like lending things.”

“Ha ha!” he chuckled, “What’s your assignment about, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“The awkwardness of social interaction in social network saturated world.”

“I don’t find it awkward talking to you,” he said smiling.

“No….You’re rather easy to talk to.”

The bus arrived at the town bus stop with a jolting stop, and the pair waiting for the remaining passengers to leave.

“Would you like some company buying your stapler, maybe then we could grab a coffee perhaps?”

She blushed instantly and nodded with a huge grin. “I’d like that. Perhaps we could get you a new cable too.”

“That would be ideal. My name’s Simon by the way.”

“I’m Rebecca, but people call me Bex.”

The two left the bus as conversation and laughter flowed between them. There was physical contact in the form of gentle bumping into each other when suggesting the other was being silly. 

It’s not known as to whether Bex changed her conclusion with regards her assignment, but armed with his new HDMI cable, the two of them enjoyed many a night ordering in pizza and playing Call of Duty.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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