Writing Challenge 

To write a Killer Thriller that includes the follow words: Coconut Soap, Andrex Moist Toilet Tissues, Washing Powder, Watering Can.

The working day had been as tedious as ever, filled with seemingly pointless meeting after pointless meeting. It felt to be finally on the way home.

Upon opening the door to his pride and joy, the one thing his ex-wife hadn’t managed to rid him of during their brutal divorce, he was convinced he could smell a faint aroma of coconut soap lingering within. A disturbing notion given it was her favourite.

Passing it off as his frazzled mind playing games with him, he climbed inside and started the engine. As it purred into life, so too did the stereo blasting out a rather annoyingly catchy theme tune for Andrex Moist Toilet Tissues.

Now he knew someone had been in his car. Never had he listened to the radio, prefering the music the car’s engine made when his foot hit the accelerator. He turned of the engine and climbed back out, looking around for signs of forced entry.

Around the passenger side, hidden from his original view, a watering can sat on the floor, water and remnants of some washing powder spilled on the floor.

‘I don’t recall asking for a valet today!’ he mumbled to himself.

‘You didn’t’ replied a hauntingly familiar voice behind him. As he turned a swift blow to the side of his head sent him to the floor. Blood quickly pooling from his gaping wound. ‘I did’

Taking the keys from his lifeless hand, his ex-wife took his pride and joy as well as his life.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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