Mystic Rose ~ Alternative Version

From the first day I saw her
I knew she would be one
The way she smiled when she looked at me
Meant she would be putty in my hands

I asked her for her name
And she replied with a wry grin
“It can be anything you want it to be”
So I said “You’re my Mystic Rose”

She asked of me why
Would I give her such a name?
“Because your beauty matches any rose,
And of you I know nothing at all”

“Then Mystic Rose will be my name”
She smiled and took my hand
We wandered down a secluded alley
And it is there that I parted her of her life

I was long gone when the whistles sounded
Another woman of the night found dead in the streets
She was my third to parted of her sin
The most beautiful of all, my Mystic Rose.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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