The Lake

The idea seemed like a good one. The night was still as hot as it had been during the day, so a chance to cool off with a late night in the lake appealed greatly. The three brothers headed off quietly and quickly so as their parents wouldn’t have a chance to stop them. Parents always had a way of spoiling fun.

The sound of the water lapping against the rocks could be heard from a good distance as they walked along the dusty track, but there was another noise mingling with it that couldn’t be recognized. They approached at a cautious pace.

The closer they got, it became clear there was a strange almost glowing fog lingering over the water and the strange sound was that of blades on ice. It was coming from a strange couple seemingly ice-skating across the unfrozen lake. They were dressed in what the boys thought were victorian attire and they were mesmerized they their ethereal presence.

The two skaters continued their dance across the lake until they were but a few feet from the three brothers. The pair looked straight at them and where a smile first graced their ghostly faces, it soon turned to sneers bearing fangs like small sharp daggers and their appearance in turn changed to haggard rags.

Snapping immediately from their trance, the three brothers screamed in terror and fled for their lives. They never returned to the lake, neither by day or night, nor did they speak to others about what they had seen. It was a secret they carried with them always.

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


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