Mind Mumble

It’s been a while since the last mumble. Too busy writing various tit-bits you’ve all generously read, liked and/or commented on. For that I will forever be confused and thank full in equal measure.

So the novel writing has taken a huge, no, meteoric slide into non productivity, and this makes me feel guilty and sad in equal measure. Life is busy, and what time I do get to write sees me opting for the quick gratification of adding to my blog here. It’s like being hungry for a main meal, but finding a miniature packet of Haribo.

I know the problem, it’s putting down my phone and finding the power lead for the laptop. Then waiting for said laptop, which sits precariously on the arm of the chair, to churn into life. A process that takes far too long to justify the short time I’d spend in productive writing.

That’s good news for you guys that follow my posts on here, not so much for those that keeping asking when the next book will be out. Cannot please everyone I suppose.

It doesn’t help either that my mind keeps wandering from one idea to another without fully completing the task in hand before wandering. I suppose that’s another handy benefit of posting here, in that each post is a self contained micro story. A satisfying bite that stifles the hunger.

I guess my biggest fear is that, without feeding the beast that is my love of story telling, without offering something on a daily basis to an unknown audience, I along with my work, will be one day be forgotten. Lost amidst a cacophony of other great writers vying to be discovered and read.

Everyone says that all you need is one lucky break. One reader with a thousand connections to give a recommendation. One day maybe. Until then, I’ll keep harvesting the words I know, and planting seeds for that one bumper crop.

“I’m hungry, where was that bag of Haribo?”

Copyright: authorchrisbrown 


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