Urban Jungle 

An urban jungle
Surrounded by concrete monoliths
Murky greys
Washed out browns
Suffocated by polluted air

Where are the trees
The grass beneath my feet
Vibrant palettes
A cacophony of colour
A multitude of blossomed flowers

I would rather run with the deer
Swim with the salmon
And fly with the larks
This tomb of human existence
Is killing me from being inside

Copyright: authorchrisbrown


2 thoughts on “Urban Jungle 

  1. I found the same problem. I lived in the city for about ten years and it slowly killed me. My anxiety grew. I retreated further into myself while becoming more shallow on the outside. Moving back to rural Alaska, back to a lifestyle I was born and raised with has slowly helped heal my broken spirit. If you get the chance, I recommend moving out of the city, becoming more minimalist and embracing the healing power of the natural world.

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